From 12 October to 14 December 2013

Vernissage on Saturday 12 October from 4pm.

Taking a break is a healthy opportunity to reflect and take stock.
“Half-Time” designates that moment suspended between two periods of physically intense confrontation. Heal your wounds. Catch your breath. Recover your strength. And start again. Throughout the years, the aesthetic choices of the gallery Polad-Hardouin have gone through gradual affirmation and confirmation. Daring, bold, sometimes unsettling, these choices have outlined a singular journey in search for new artistic territories. After the summer break, we can resume this journey.

The recent creations of eight artists (paintings, drawings and ceramics) will be gathered in a mischievous collective exhibition seething with excitement and colour. The floor will be given to an energetic new generation of artists, some of whom were recently discovered, while others have been regularly collaborating with the gallery.

Timothy Archer will be given his baptism of fire by opening the exhibition. His powerful, electric bright work is strongly evocative of Beckmann revisiting American expressionists.

Between serigraphy and watercolour, Daphné Chevallereau’s drawings are charged with powerful sensitivity combined with unsettling imagination in her quest for the body. Her works are close to the organic and sensual aesthetics of Anya Belyat-Giunta whose ink wash drawings are currently flirting with abstraction. As for Raynald Driez, he tirelessly and passionately pursues his erotic explorations with a new series of ceramics.

Explosion and implosion are the two poles between which the writings of Christophe Boursault and Caroline Demangel are suspended. Colours for the former and lines for the latter constitute the last defences against an irrepressible turmoil, whether due to enthusiasm or worry.

Emmanuelle Renard returns with her cheerful and fantastic peregrinations, always on the edge, while Christine Sefolosha takes us to the limits of our subconscious, where Africa intermingles with the dark lands of Vaud’s mythology for our own delight.

As many reasons to go back into the fray with all our passion, and simply to enjoy it.