Caroline Demangel

Caroline Demangel

As a self-taught artist, drawing came into Caroline Demangel's life, like this sudden and obvious encounters. “In the following months, she writes, I kept isolating myself to reproduce visions that I didn’t even imagine a moment before. […] It was the unfolding, the hatching of something that I am still exploring at the moment”.
Multi-faceted characters emerge from the circular movements of her pencil, jostled by the energetic and fragile strokes of pastel, in a collision of violent and contradictory emotions. Duplications, juxtapositions, crossing-outs and tint areas constitute the elements of her syntax. In the colourful proliferation of her drawings, signs and words are an integral part of the composition and loudly express the urges of anger, anguish, and desire.
Born in 1977, Caroline Demangel has been exhibiting her sketches for several years, first at the Christophe Gaillard gallery in Paris, and especially in Lyon at the Chartier gallery. Since 2012, she is represented by the gallery Polad-Hardouin.


dRAW Institute, The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, Chicago
Rhizome : New Growth, Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York

Souffle, Gallery Polad-Hardouin, Paris (solo show)

Mi-Temps, Gallery Polad-Hardouin, Paris

Catharsis, Gallery Polad-Hardouin, Paris
40 artists 40 works, Galery Henri Chartier, Lyon

Gallery Henri Chartier, Lyon 

Gallery Christophe Gaillard "Eros", Paris

Museum d'Art Brut Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris


Outsider Art Fair New York, Galerie Polad-Hardouin

Outsider Art Fair New York, Galerie Polad-Hardouin

Outsider Art Fair Paris, Galerie Polad-Hardouin