Anya Belyat-Giunta - Petite Mort

From 20 March to 28 April 2012

Polad-Hardouin gallery is happy to welcome in its team the Russian artist Anya Belyat-Giunta. On this occasion, a series of recent drawings will be presented in exhibition space 2. The artist says that she likes this space, whose intimate character lends itself to the discovery of her universe.

Most of her drawings, based on a serial principle (transcendence, Hypertrichosis, Hysteria...), are made on old punch cards carefully collected by Anya. The ensemble will be completed by drawings of a larger format.

Her unusual liquid-crayon technique has the fluidity of ink and the iridescence of graphite. She explores all of its aspects in her compositions, which follow the logic of a dream, with hybrid creatures appearing in a bare space.

“They seem to snigger. They seem to have fun, sometimes hiding behind mountains of hair, these tiny women by Anya Belyat-Giunta. They’re tiny chimaeras, tiny ogresses – indecent, regressive, indiscreet, as they make up a dance, a strange and intimate ballet. {...} Anya’s world is slippery, unstable as a dream, as a wave of desire and chaos”, comments Julie Estève on Anya’s drawings.

Anya Belyat-Giunta was born in 1975 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The turmoil of the end of the Soviet era forced her family into exile. They first moved to Austria, Italy, then the US, where Anya spent her teenage years. Drawing has been the solid ground with which she has traveled throughout these years. She fulfilled her passion through her fine arts training in Florence, then Minneapolis and Toulouse. She had several solo exhibitions in France, Russia and the US. She currently lives and works in Saint-Etienne.