From 28 January to 13 March 2010

The gallery presents a selection of artists who use drawing as their preferred medium. As it obeys nothing but a movement of thought, drawing is an exercise of total freedom, far from aesthetic preoccupations, following no rules but those self-imposed by the artist.

They are solitary “Riders” in a quest for unknown lands, with an appetite for lines and colours, the voluptuousness of forms, the energy of the line or its very absence. By gathering the artists in a single space while preserving their radical singularity and specificity, “Riders” becomes a collective work. The spectator is immersed in the heart of drawing.

Around thirty artists are invited, among which: Gérard Alary, Pat Andréa, Lydie Arickx, Felicia Atkinson, Gwenaël Billaud, Vincent Bizien, Christophe Boursault, Daphné Chevallereau, Paul de Pignol, Raynald Driez, Vanessa Fanuele, Andrew Gilbert, Andreas Hofer, Marcel Hüppauff, Michael Kalmbach, Marcel Katuchevski, Fred Kleinberg, Cristina Lama, Fréderic Léglise, Julie Lorinet, Michel Macréau, Maryan, Matias Sanchez, Charlotte McGowan-Griffin, Orlando Mostyn Owen, Stani Nitkowski, Humberto Poblete-Bustamante, Eva Räder, Sylvia Reyftman, Emmanuelle Renard, Raphaëlle Ricol, Joanne Robertson, Jean Rustin, Lionel Sabatté, Adam Saks, Christine Sefolosha, Astrid Sourkova, Lucy Stein, Davor Vrankic, Wu Xiaohai, Eric Yahnker.