Jacques Grinberg

French artist (1941 - Sofia, Bulgaria - 2011, Paris).
After studying at the Fine Arts school of Tel Aviv (1957—1960), Jacques Grinberg moves to Paris, and exhibits for the first time in Gent, Belgium (galerie Kaléidoscope).
Artistic effervescence is at its height: it is the beginning of the new figuration, in which one finds Pouget, Maryan, Christoforou, Arroyo, Segui… He has already found his style of painting and fits into this group of artists without difficulty.
In 1964, the Galerie André Schoeller (junior) took him under contract. After the closure of the gallery, he stayed out of the limelight for a few years, exhibiting from time to time in Belgium or in the United States. In the 1980’s, he returned to Israel, where he put on several shows (1984, 1985, 1987).
From 1988 to 1994, he exhibited at the Galerie l’Œil de Bœuf, and in 2001 at the gallery Idées d'artistes (Paris). His works have been displayed in several cultural events linked whith the Ceres Franco Collection. Retrospective exhibitions have also been organised in Paris (Cité internationale des arts, 2013 ; Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris, 2016) and in Israel (Museum Ein Harod, 2015).