Gastspiel : Paris/Munich/Paris

From 20 March to 28 April 2012


Polad-Hardouin gallery is happy to present eight artists from the gallery van de Loo Projekte. This exhibition of paintings and drawings is the result of an exchange with this Munich-based gallery, which hosted from October 2011 to January 2012 several artists supported by our gallery in Paris.

While some of these artists have already been exhibited at our gallery (Helmut Rieger, Marcel Hüppauff, Heike Pillemann et Maryan several times), others will join our premises for the first time. Through the selection of artists revolving around the Munich-based family of collectors van de Loo, the Parisian public will be able to discover different generations of artists working or exhibiting across the Rhine. All of them share a pronounced taste for Expressionism, a current which has left a deep mark in German art history.

Born in 1924, Otto van de Loo started off as an art dealer in Munich.  After exhibiting Antonio Saura, Antoni Tapies, Arnulf Raine and artists of the collectives COBRA (Asger Jorn, Pierre Alechinsky, Constant) and SPUR, he was able to evolve with newcomers of the art scene such as Miriam Cahn. 

His daughter, Marie José van de Loo, took over the gallery in 1997 and associated to the historical programme such young talents as Beate Haupt or Marcel Hüppauff. Today, the gallery is orienting its activities toward the development of projects. 

Several museums in Germany have been and still are the recipients of artwork donations from the van de Loo family (the Nationalgalerie in Berlin, the Kunsthalle in Emden). In 2005, Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne devoted an exhibition to the van de Loo collection.


Artists exhibited:

Miriam Cahn (1949 – Basel)
Beate Haupt (1966 – Wolfenbüttel)
Franz Hitzler (1946 – Thalmassing)
Marcel Hüppauff (1972 – Stuttgart)
Gustav Kluge (1947 – Wittenberg)
Maryan (1927-1977, Poland – New York)
Heike Pillemann (1958 – Herne)
Helmut Rieger (1931 – Neisse)