"Histoires d'elles"

From 18 June to 18 July 2009

Concurrent with the «elles» exhibition at the Pompidou Center, from June 11th through July 18th the Galerie Polad-Hardouin will present the work of eight women artists:  Lydie Arickx, Vanessa Fanuele, Louise Giamari, Julie Lorinet, Emmanuelle Renard, Sylvia K. Reyftmann, Sophie Rocco, Christine Sefolosha.

Entitled "Histoire d'elles" the exhibition reveals how these artists develop a singular, feminine and intimate universe in their work.        
Christine Sefolosha’s paintings evoke the troubling, irrational world of childhood fairy tales, populated with disquietingly strange animals.  The question of the body dominates Louise Giamari’s sculptures, the deformations, alterations, and transformations she imagines inspiring us to consider the idea of corporal modification.  Lydie Arickx’s archaic figures, with their sediments of colour, suggest the same deconstruction of the representation of the body.     Sophie Rocco’s phantom-like faces emerging from colour somehow echo an intimate feeling of vulnerability.  And Emmanuelle Renard blends the imaginary, the dreamlike, and the real upon her canvas to give form to everyday visions that are at once poetic and tragic.             
Histoire d'elles:  Eight artists who translate their conception of the world by deliberately placing their art in intimate territory.            

Lydie  Arickx                   
Louise Giamari
Vanessa Fanuele
Julie Lorinet
Emmanuelle Renard
Sylvia K. Reyftmann           
Sophie Rocco
Christine Sefolosha