Ibrahim Shahda "La Rinascita"

From 12 March to 30 April 2009

Born in 1929 in Egypt, deceased in Aubignan in 1991, Ibrahim Shahda produced most of his work in Provence, where he took up residence some time after his arrival in France in 1955, following several stays in Paris and Brittany and a few study trips (including in Tuscany).
He studied at Cairo’s school of fine arts with Martin Beppi. In 1958, he won the Grand Prix d’Avignon and the Grand Prix d’Aix en Provence.
This opened for him a new way in which he engaged with fervor, passion and commitment. Shahda, who presented several exhibitions in Carpentras, Avignon and Paris, never enjoyed the recognition that an introduction into the world of art and of international traders would certainly have won him.
He made several solo exhibitions in Avignon, Paris and, in 1972, in Carpentras City Hall.
From 1975, experiencing health problems, he lived a more retired life and devoted himself entirely to jis work. In 1981, he presented an exhibition at the Musée Duplessis and at Chapelle du Collège; in 1984, he presented another exhibition at the Charité in Carpentras. His last paintings date from June 1991.