"Intranquille Amour"

From 13 October to 01 December 2007

To launch the new gallery, I have chosen to gather 30 painters, draughtsmen and sculptors who reveal in their art their quest of Love. Fever, folly, passion, sorrow... For them, the body carries the imprint of love, the beloved body or the forgotten and abandoned one. For them love is stronger than death, they reveal a maleficent and exhilarating power that reinvents the divine.

They stand in the footpath of Charles Baudelaire's Hymn of Beauty :

Do you come from Heaven or rise from the abyss, Beauty? Your gaze, divine and infernal, Pours out confusedly benevolence and crime, And one may for that, compare you to wine. (…)

From God or Satan, who cares? Angel or Siren, Who cares, if you make, — fay with the velvet eyes, Rhythm, perfume, glimmer; my one and only queen! The world less hideous, the minutes less leaden?