Lady Paranoia & Mr. Killer. Act II

From 13 September to 08 October 2011

Lady Paranoia and Mr. Killer, act II, opens the season at gallery Polad-Hardouin. Twenty women artists exhibit their works and echo to act I where 10 men artits have shown their works on that matter. Most of them, like Elizabeth Garouste, Mâkhi Xenakis and Dawn Frash exhibit for the first time at the gallery.

The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the founding idea of this double exhibition. A double exhibition whose aim is to reflect the duality of beings and creation, but also of the masculine and feminine poles residing in each of us.

Mr. Killer incarnates the destructive, predatory part, the insatiable obsession that can lead to the collapse of creation. Lady Paranoia is the being who pays keen attention to the external world and rebels against the established order of things. As paranoia can be understood in terms of a swing between reality and imagination, she uses her extreme sensitivity to weave a personal and symbolic structure around her. She thereby establishes a different way of reading the world.

This infernal couple merges into one person. In this personification, the artist is permanently situated between the constructive and the destructive sides.


Exhibited artists :

Lydie Arickx
Véronique Bourgoin*
Daphné Chevallereau
Rabiya Chouhdry*
Valérie Favre*
Vanessa Fanuele
Anna Foka*
Dawn Frasch*
Habima Fuchs
Elizabeth Garouste*
Anya Belyat Giunta*
Annabelle Guetatra*
Karine Hoffmann*
Lucile Littot*
Julie Lorinet
Charlotte Mc Gowan-Griffin
Eva Räder
Emmanuelle Renard
Raphaëlle Ricol
Christine Sefolosha
Lucy Stein
Mâkhi Xenakis*

* : artists exhibited for the first time at the gallery